From our Pals at DOOMSDAY STORE in Australia comes the latest collection titled "OP DOOM".

We are one of only two retailers in the U.S.A.


Appropriation may be the idea that ate the art world, but with another perspective it also breathed new life into art. It’s ‘Rapid Dominance’ was something akin to the military’s shock and awe campaigns and it was used to paralyse fussy and conservative art crowds. Taking a decisive left turn from previous seasons, OpDoom is a quick strike theme that jams on the appropriation of military language mixed with pop culture references.

With a design ethos to never settle or stick with one theme, this naive graphic departure from the expected is our play with a black-ops rationale to bring some thunder and then vanish. We could riff on art and culture, military symbolism and appropriation but in the end this range is all about fun while it lasts. Or as history would say, ‘Desert Storm was like teenage sex. We got in too soon and out too soon’.


- Colour: Black
- 100% Cotton
- Discharge and Plastisol print on front